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3 Steps to Help with Hurricane Relief

All of us are watching the news about Hurricane Dorian and wondering how we can help. Your dedicated Givelify Success Coaches are here to share three easy steps your church or organization can take to help with your community’s local hurricane relief efforts.

Short on time? Watch this short video to apply the three steps quickly.Three Steps to Help with Hurricane Relief

Step 1: Create a Giving Envelope

The first thing you’ll want to do is create an envelope. This is how your donors will know their gift will support this Hurricane Dorian relief effort. Make sure the name of the envelope clearly states what you’ll do with the funds. Helping those affected in the Bahamas? Consider naming the envelope “Hurricane Dorian Bahamas Relief.”

You’ll want to make this envelope prominent. To do that, just drag and drop the envelope to the top.

Step 2: Use Your Web Giving Link

Now that you’ve created your envelope, donors who have the Givelify app on their mobile device will be able to easily give. But what about donors who may not have the app on their phone yet? Hopefully, you have Givelify linked on your website already. If not, we provide a handy link you can use on your website and in your social media posts.

To get your web giving link, click on “Settings” in the top right-hand side of your Admin Dashboard, and then select “Social Giving.” Copy the short link that appears on your screen and share it anywhere you want people to give. For example — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, and your website.

Step 3: Rally Your Community

Finally, you’ll rally your community. This will vary from church to organization. You should share this information with your donors. Create a simple social post that clearly states what you’ll do with the funds, and include your Givelify link to give. On Facebook, you can ”pin”  this post so it appears at the top of your page until you’re ready to take it down.

Research shows us that in moments of national disaster or tragedy, people want to help. They often don’t know where to start or who to trust. However, most people will give when they are asked! Your job now is to “ask and receive,” then use what you’ve been entrusted with to help those in need one simple joyful gift at a time.

We’re here to support you. Reach out to the Givelify Team on social media, via email, or our online support center.

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