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How are Americans Making Life Beautiful?

Making Life Beautiful Day in 2021 was first celebrated on June 11, 2015. But what exactly is it and how do we celebrate?

It is a day dedicated to encouraging and celebrating men and women who are making life beautiful. Whether you’re creating beauty through building relationships or helping others achieve personal success, one small action can lead to a ripple effect, making life beautiful not just for yourself, but for those around you, too

National Calendar Day

How Do People Celebrate Making Life Beautiful Day in 2021?

People can celebrate Making Life Beautiful Day a variety of big and small ways. The National Calendar Day lists a couple of ways:

  • Building relationships
  • Helping others achieve their goals
  • Being kind to others
  • Empowering people to be uniquely themselves

Here are some ways Givelify’s team is celebrating Making Life Beautiful Day in 2021:

Tell Someone You See Them.

Sawubona. This Zulu greeting literally means, “I see you.” It’s easy to give someone praise. Telling someone what you see that is uniquely theirs is truly meaningful. Letting someone know that you are present with them and you notice what they like, what inspires them, what makes them laugh is a beauty maker. The Zulu response? Ngikhona. It means “I am here.” Your seeing someone is what makes them able to be present and alive. How beautiful is that?

Leave a Larger Tip Than Usual

Tipping is something that can be overlooked at times, and yet it is vital to millions of restaurant workers in the United States. These employees are among the ones who have been hit the hardest by the pandemic and are more than worthy of our care and attention.

Create Something New

Choreograph a Dance. Paint. Write a poem. Perform a skit. Play an instrument. Cook. Any time you create using your imagination to serve others, make them laugh, inspire them to make their own creation, you bring beauty into the world. And we need more of that!

Partner with one of Givelify’s Organizations

Do you want to make life beautiful but don’t know how to start? Considering partnering with an organized effort near you! You don’t have to be limited to one day out of the year. However, if you want to celebrate this day through giving, we have the tools you need to celebrate!

Givelify is here to help you celebrate Making Life Beautiful in 2021 by giving a charitable donation in as little as five minutes.

How are Givelify Organizations Making Life Beautiful Every Day of the Year?

Making life beautiful for children and communities comes in all forms. From creating beauty through designing spaces, styling, storytelling, dancing to making life easier, more fulfilling, or by simply playing, leaving a positive impact in the world on an individual or organizational basis takes less effort than you might think! Here’s just a few orgs that are making life beautiful today and everyday.

Better Start Foundation

Some children face life without many opportunities. By connecting children, youth, and families to everything they need to succeed in school, career, and life, Better Start Foundation is making life beautiful, so that children have the opportunities to achieve greatness.

Little Rock, Arkansas

BSF Giving Link

Hey There Beautiful

Hey There Beautiful empowers women and young girls with the confidence they seek in order to achieve success and abundance. Their goal is to provide support, connection, trust, inspiration and leadership skills. Their workshops continually beautify communities while creating personal human connections to support empowering the world.

Brooklyn, NY

HTB Giving Link

Porter’s Call

When they are off stage and out of the spotlight, where do recording artists go to get help? Any touring artist — whether signed to a label or not — can get counsel, support, and encouragement that is specifically attuned to their unique profession in a safe and confidential refuge. And the services are provided at no charge.

Nashville, TN

PC’s Giving Link

I Live Ministries

People often say it’s easy to talk the talk. Walking the walk is what I Live Ministries is all about. Taking their love for Jesus and turning it into real action in their community. Their vision is to see people’s lives changed, that they can really live to their fullest because of the work they do.

Spartanburg, SC

ILM’s Giving Link

“You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.”

Walter Hagen

Givelify is here to help you celebrate Making Life Beautiful in 2021 by giving a charitable donation in as little as five minutes.

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