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The Hottest Giving App for 2021 – Your Donors Need This!

This year, more than ever, your donors need a giving app to conveniently give and track donations to your place of worship or nonprofit from their smartphones. One-third of faith-based organizations report an increase in donations during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. WIth more than 60% of U.S. donors preferring to give online, imagine the possibilities for 2021!

Our culture is at a pivotal point in history and the work of charities and churches is vital. People are looking to faith institutions and leaders to point the way forward. Nonprofits are doing the ground level work that many of us no longer have time for as the economy is struggling, we are still battling COVID, and our work loads are larger than ever with parents playing double-duty working from home while also managing their children’s education.

So why not make it easier for everyone to give by signing up for THE hottest donation app out there? Which app, you ask? Why Givelify, of course!

10 Reasons Why Givelify is the Hottest Giving App for 2021

As a church or nonprofit, you want to provide a simple, secure, fun and easy way to donate. But don’t listen to us, listen to app users! Listen to the heart-warming voices of nearly one million people who have downloaded Givelify and use the mobile giving app.

1. Givelify is the highest rated giving app!

Five stars, y’all ! ⭐️   ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Don’t believe us? Search for “giving app” on Google Play and Apple App Store and you won’t find another one with 5 stars. I know! Givelify is THE hottest app.

Givelify Mobile App iTunes for Apple page

2. Givelify is the most downloaded giving app!

How can you argue with that? Why have nearly one million people downloaded Givelify? ‘Cause it was the hottest app of 2020. Why are you and your supporters going to download Givelify? ‘Cause it’s the hottest app of 2021!

Top 20 Nonprofit Software award for Givelify. Reads "Over 45,000 places of worship and nonprofits in all 50 states trust Givelify with their mobile and online donations. More than 500,000 people have donated and use the mobile giving app."

5-star review from Pearl J. "I love this app! I can give to my church family although we can't have gathering in our building due to Covid-19 cases among our members. We can stay safe at home and still send our donations via Givelify! Thanks!"


3. Givelify is the most reviewed giving app!

Remember those 5 stars? Generous givers have left nearly 60,000 glowing reviews ( What’s that, you say? You heard it! 60K!) on Google Play and Apple App Store. Other giving apps don’t even come close. Most have less than a couple hundred reviews.

Givelify's Google Play review shows 5 stars

4. Givelify is secure!

The app removes the frustration of passwords, text-to-give codes, and endless electronic forms. Additionally, Givelify goes above and beyond to safeguard all personal and payment information. We use industry-reviewed, military-grade encryption standards to protect all confidential and sensitive data at point of collection, during transmission and while at rest.  Data transmission to and from Givelify servers is protected via sophisticated cryptographic methods including SSL. You can find more information on the Safety & Security page on our website.

5 star review from Tracey L reads "This is the best money transfer app I've used and many have said the same. It's simple quick, secure, and convenient."

5. Givelify is easy to use!

Use the Givelify mobile giving app to conveniently give and track donations to your place of worship or nonprofit from your smartphone. Of course, you can use it quietly in church or at a fundraising event. But most importantly, you can use it from home! Wrap yourself up in a blanket like a hot pocket, and give to your favorite charity, a cause, a fundraising event, your place of worship, or a special love offering. Worried more about how you can add it to your smoking website? Read our blog: Bring the Ease and Beauty of Givelify To Your Church or Nonprofit Website.

5-star review from Kick Back with Big Kat which reads "It so easy to use! I appreciate the convenience, the simplicity and the apps all around functionality."

6. Givelify opens the door to more donors!

What does that mean? Well, there are many users who search for organizations that support their favorite causes. By putting keywords into your profile like “animal rescue” or “community church,” users can find you using the search feature. New donors can also search the area around them to find out about organizations they didn’t know existed.

5 star Bedredia Stribling Review which reads, "This app is so convenient and easy to use. Great for making sure I get my church offers given"

7. Givelify is a donation hub!

Did you know that 30% of Givelify users donate to more than one organization? With over 45,000 organizations, donors have access to giving to multiple orgs, both nonprofits and faith-based.

5-star review Copeaches Hudson which reads "I love this app. This is the best app ever made. You can use it for multiple organizations. It gives me all the information of my giving history and it makes it real easy for income tax purposes. All my giving is stored in the app and a receipt is sent to your email also."

8. Givelify is automated!

This donations and church-giving app has cooked up a way for donors to automate their giving. Just like when you set up your recurring payments for your water bill, you can set up your weekly tithe or monthly support without thought or effort, your donations happen regularly! Generosity on repeat! 

5 star review from Louise K Wyche which reads, "I love Givelify - always timely, always accurate and provides a reliable summary of giving. It's so easy because I have recurring payment set up - don't have to think about it."

9. Givelify is a connecting app!

Picture of Givelify search by pastor, rabbi, and other clergy function.

Givelify is about more than a single person and a single organization. It’s about a growing community that is doing more good together. First, donors recognize their pastor in the app – this makes using the app more personal and creates connection. Second, you can find other nonprofit or faith-based organizations in your community. I ask you, can you find this on any other giving app? I think not!

10. Givelify is multi-generational!

The app is super easy to use for seniors. We also offer specific support for givers and for charities and places of worship. New to mobile giving? Here’s a resource for you that provides easy instructions.

5-star Sandra Francis which reads, "I was very reluctant to use this App. However, now that I am using it, I am extremely satisfied. Even in the beginning, when I made a mistake, the support staff was very willing to help and accommodating in making the correction. Thank you so much; your service is truly appreciated."

How to Get In on the Hottest Giving App of 2021

 Donors: Download the app now and start giving to all the causes and communities that you support!

Nonprofit and faith leaders: We bet you’re convinced that your organization needs Givelify.  Test drive the app or learn more about Givelify.  Ready to get in on the goodness now? Sign up today. 

We Want To Hear Your Givelify Story

Are you a donor who uses the Givelify app? We love that you feel passionate about doing good in the world! Tell us more about why you give, the organizations you care about and how we can make your giving experiences easier.

Does your organization use the Givelify mobile app and online platform? We’d love to hear about the communities you serve and great stories of good you do in the world so that we can share these successes with others!

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