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Givelify Welcomes Andrea Renzi

Please join us in welcoming Andrea Renzi, Lead Generation Specialist to the Givelify family!

Since graduating from Purdue 11 years ago, Andrea has gained experience in customer marketing roles across both corporations and agencies. She is certified in SEM and excited to bring her knowledge to Givelify to help connect organizations and individuals. Andrea grew up volunteering with Lucious Newsom in Indianapolis and learned at a young age the joy and importance of volunteering her time and attention to others. She’s currently involved in the Indy Movement Arts Collective, a nonprofit that strives to bring dance and movement to everyone. In her free time, Andrea likes to run, hike, dance and play with her three wild, but adorable little nieces.

To learn more about Emily, we had her fill out a “welcome to Givelify” survey. You can view her responses below:

What causes do you care about? What non-profit organization do you actively support?

I am currently active in the Indy Movement Arts Collective, a nonprofit organization connecting the community with movement and dance; and I like to volunteer and support PUP and Second Helpings.

What music is on your favorites playlist?

I like a little bit of everything, but I seem to gravitate towards Dream Pop and ’80s most often.

Who would you most like to meet and why?

RBG! Truly, I know Ruth Bader Ginsburg is very trendy right now but for good reason. What a powerful role model for girls (and women) everywhere.

What TV show do you never miss?

I have a few favorites, but one that I’ve stuck with since the age of 11 is Survivor. I haven’t missed a season yet.

Best advice you’ve been given?

Stay true to yourself.

What would be your go-to karaoke song?

Strangely enough, the few times I’ve done Karaoke it always tends to be California Dreamin by The Mamas and the Papas… other than the one time I attempted and failed Ring of Fire.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

To fly.

What is your favorite treat?

Starburst and anything fruity.

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