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Givelify Users Give $1 Million In Donations

Team Givelify is amazed and grateful to announce that our donors have helped raised over $1 million in donations.

The Givelify mobile giving app launched in a limited public beta on December 3, 2013. By April 30 over $500,000 in donations were made.

Now just two short months later we have doubled that. Correction: you have doubled that.

Thank you.

We didn’t invent giving. We just tried to make giving easier than ever. Our members and donors have opened their hearts and made this milestone possible.

The nonprofit donation feature will roll out soon. Hopefully these organizations will embrace cheerful, easy giving the same way our member churches have.

We’re extremely passionate about increasing giving in the world. We’ll keep working hard to make sure you can help the causes and organizations you’re passionate about.

Press Release

Included below is a copy of the press release announcing this milestone. You may also download a PDF version.

Matt Chandler


Givelify Users Give $1 Million In Donations

Startup Mobile Giving App for Churches and Nonprofits Experiences Rapid Growth

Indianapolis, IN: With a profound passion to significantly increase giving in the world, users of Givelify, a mobile giving smartphone app for churches and nonprofits, have helped raise over $1 million in donations since the app’s limited beta launch on December 3, 2013.

Available for iPhone and Android devices, the app has enjoyed widespread adoption among churches across the United States who sign up free and customize it to make it their own church giving app. The app is free for donors to download and also records their donation history for tax purposes. The nonprofit donation feature will roll out in Summer 2014.

Summer is typically a slow period for donations but churches using Givelify are seeing an increase in giving. Dr. Robert Scott, lead pastor of Central Baptist Church, St. Louis, MO, said, “A 20% percent increase in giving in summer months is not a trend we predicted at the start of the year. Our members are very grateful to us for providing them with Givelify.”

According to Giving USA, 72% of all charitable donations come from individuals. After the prolonged recession and modest recovery, overall charitable giving increased 4.9% in 2013. Online giving increased by 13.5% (Blackbaud Report).

However, only about 16% of donor websites are optimized for mobile giving (Online Fundraising Scorecard). That means that 84% of the time donors are at events trying to navigate clunky websites and struggling to donate money that they want to give immediately.

“Our location-aware app and patent-pending ‘One Tap Give Now’ technology makes spontaneous cashless donations easy and convenient,” said Givelify founder Walle Mafolasire.

“We live hectic, fast paced lives, and have little tolerance for cumbersome online forms, memorizing website URLs, or complicated passwords.” said co-founder Tayo Ademuyiwa, M.D. “Givelify was born because people give more when you make it easy for them, and smartphones are ubiquitous.”

About Givelify: Givelify is a mobile charitable donation application for iPhone and Android. Based in Indianapolis, IN, Givelify was founded with the goal of helping charities raise more money by making giving a simple and pleasant experience. Givelify was a finalist in Mobile Tech Innovation at the 2014 TechPoint Mira Awards. Learn more about Givelify at


About the Author

Matt is dedicated to making the world a better place. He works passionately to help charitable causes use mobile technology to raise the funds they need. In addition to his role at Givelify, he volunteers with the Southside Animal Shelter and Kentuckiana Pug Rescue.

Matt Chandler