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Which Days Are Most Popular for Church Giving?

Givelify has processed more than 2.5 million transactions — each Wednesday we’ll dive into a different key finding from our data that will give you and your organization powerful insight into church giving trends, as well as tips and advice on how to use this information for growth.

We have already discussed which times of day most people participate in church giving. Now it is time to learn which days of the week draw in the most contributions.

As you may have guessed, Sundays are huge for church giving.

Church Giving Days of Week

About half of Givelify donations happen on Sundays during expected worship times. (Shocker, we know.) But how many of those 54% of users giving electronically during service were previously unable to give regularly — that is, before their church offered an electronic giving solution?

Think about those most likely to use an app to give in church: Did they bring cash? Do they even know where their checkbooks are? What did they do before they could give electronically?

What is also not apparent in this data scenario is where these supporters were when they made their contributions. Keep in mind many of these Sunday donors could be off-site — not even at church. Perhaps they had to miss services due to illness or inclement weather. Or perhaps they are giving to a place of worship far from their home, where they are enjoying services via online streaming.

What other weekdays are popular for giving?

It’s interesting to note that 46% of those who gave through the Givelify app did so on days other than Sunday, which brings us to the second biggest giving day: Friday. Here is a theory on why that is:

Friday is the most common payday in the United States for both weekly and biweekly payroll. The fact that 13% of mobile church app users are giving on Friday indicates an app-based giving solution enables congregants to return their tithe immediately after being paid. (Also note giving amounts on Friday nearly double Sunday amounts.)

Many churchgoers opt to give of their “firstfruits.”

That payment schedule goes hand-in-hand with the “firstfruits” principle established in the Old Testament, when people were instructed to bring the first sheaf of grain from their harvest to the priest, as an offering to the Lord. The precept: Honor God with your firstfruits, and He’ll bless and increase the rest.

The spike in church giving and giving amounts on Friday demonstrates honoring God first is important to many congregants. Don’t miss the opportunity to empower your most faithful contributors! Consider scheduling online communications (e.g. emails, social media posts) to coincide with highest-giving days. Just as important, give people a way to give when they’re not in your church building or attending services.

Key Takeaway: The more you can encourage remote giving around payday, the more likely your church giving will increase overall.

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