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King’s Table: Better than Lima Beans

The mission of The King’s Table Food Ministry is to support families in the community by eliminating hunger through the distribution of free, supplementary food items. There are no income or household requirements to receive assistance.

King's Table: Better than Lima Beans

I think the people that come are truly in need because who would get up that early on Saturday morning, get in that line and stay if they didn’t need the food.

Flossie Varner
New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

St. John’s Unleashed: So Goes the Community

“I was going to the library in the day looking for a place to stay and then at nighttime I was sleeping in parks on benches.”

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Dr. Jazz: It’s a Victory Day

“No matter what kind of day you may think you’re going to have, it’s still a victory day. That doesn’t mean you’re exempt from challenges or trials, but at the end of the day you made it through the day, so it’s a victory day.”

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