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2022 Giving in Faith Report
2022 Giving in Faith Report

Knowledge to lead with confidence

Your insightful guide to leading a visionary congregation and impacting more lives.

Overcome today’s challenges with data-backed insights

Faith leaders hold many roles in driving community engagement

73% of places of worship increased or maintained community outreach. Your vision as a faith leader drove this.

Digital is here to stay — savvy leaders cultivate digital communities

92% of givers intend to continue using online and mobile giving options to give to their places of worship.

Giving grew in the pandemic — and givers want to be more generous

84% of givers either increased or maintained their giving. All givers intend to give more in the future.

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Produced by our award-winning team of PhDs, researchers, and data visualizers

In partnership with the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving at Indiana University, part of Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.

2022 Giving in Faith analyzed it all so you can plan confidently

The psychology of giving. The sociology of community. The redefinition of gathering.  

26 easy-to-read pages. Academically sound. Actionable insights.

What's in the report?

Plan for the future with smart and practical strategies for new growth

  • Lead a thriving community to abundant generosity
  • Uncover today's worship and giving patterns
  • Gain insight into future giving trends

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