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Year-end Giving: 5 Reasons Your Church Needs Online and Mobile Giving Now

As we approach the end of the year, many churches use this time to plan and approve next year’s budget. Some churches will even launch stewardship campaigns to generate pledges for next year. With all of this activity, in the midst of a holiday season that will surely keep many of us busy, churches can ensure they meet their financial goals by providing simplified ways of giving for their members. Givelify provides the best online donation platform and mobile giving app to serve the needs of your organization.

5 Reasons Your Church Needs Online and Mobile Giving Today

Reason #1: GivingTuesday is December 1.

GivingTuesday will be here soon, and your church can benefit from this global day dedicated to giving. Since 2012, hundreds of millions of people have participated in GivingTuesday. Last year, organizations across the country collected $510 million in online GivingTuesday donations. That number is expected to increase this year!

As an official GivingTuesday platform partner, Givelify is proud to be part of this movement and bring you tools and resources to inspire your own community to do more good. Just last year, Givelify’s community of donors raised more than $700,000 for their favorite place of worship during GivingTuesday.

Reason #2: Donors can discover you anywhere, any time.

Due to Covid-19, in person services have not returned to normal for many churches. Per a Pew Research Center survey, one-in-three church goers say they have watched religious services online or on television. That’s more than double than those attending in person! Similarly, Givelify’s data found that 85% of church giving in the last month took place outside of physical church buildings.

Church online means your message is likely reaching individuals outside of your typical audience, even across the nation. Inspired giving has no zip code. In fact, 1 in 4 churches on the Givelify platform receive donations from 20 miles or more outside of their physical location. This is not surprising, given that on Givelify, you immediately expand your donor network and are discoverable by nearly one million generous givers.

Reason #3: Online giving supplements in-person giving.

Organizations with online giving platforms raise more money than those without. Digitally savvy organizations, those who have a website, live streaming, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, saw 533% more donations during the pandemic than those organizations that have been slow to adopt digital worship. Givelify provides an opportunity to boost your end-of-year push to meet or exceed your 2021 budgeting goals.

In the 2020 Givelify Giving in Faith report, churches who reported financial improvement through the pandemic had a 27% increased web presence compared to those who did not. An interesting trend discovered in the same research was that many donors give more when they give online. In fact, when donors give digitally, nearly 20% give more than they would in-person. So, not only have people continued to give throughout the pandemic, most give more!

Faith leaders who are looking to increase donations should incorporate online and mobile giving into their overall donation mix.

Reason #4: Digital links can be used to amplify your work in the community across social networks.

When using Givelify as your online and mobile giving platform, your church will have unique online and social giving links. You can add your links into your social media posts, email newsletters, and all other digital communications. By sharing the links, you provide your donors an easy way to give and an opportunity for them to reshare the good work your church is doing in the community with their own followers.

Social media can help generate momentum behind the message your church is sharing. You’ll have the opportunity to amplify your message and reach people where they are. If participating in GivingTuesday, you can also get more eyes on your social media post and link by tagging @Givelify and including the #givingtuesday hashtag.

Reason #5: Most churches and organizations raise over 30% of their annual budget in December alone.

According to the Nonprofits Source, 30% of annual giving occurs in December. Even more specifically, 10% of annual giving occurs on the last 3 days of the year. Year-end giving is clearly an active time for donors. What’s more, many are interested in supporting causes to make a difference and giving to multiple organizations.

Per our Giving in Faith study, nearly 20% of donors said they gave to multiple churches. Givelify, through its proprietary giving app data, discovered donors who gave primarily via online/mobile were over 325% more likely to give to two or more organizations compared to donors giving primarily by plate, cash, check or mail.

By partnering with Givelify, you’ll expand your donor network, reach a community of nearly one million people looking to do more good and those looking to give to multiple organizations.

How to Get an Online Giving Platform Immediately

It takes less than five minutes to sign up FREE for Givelify here. Sign up today and begin receiving donations in time for the biggest day of online giving on December 1, 2020.

As a proud supporter of GivingTuesday, Givelify has created a toolkit to help you truly harness all the power behind this generosity movement. Download this free resource here. In this toolkit, you’ll find easy templates you can copy, paste and personalize, and you’ll also learn how to set goals and a timeline, tell your story so that it inspires support, connect with donors wherever they are, engage donors and get the word out.

Nearly one million donors on Givelify are ready to give to their favorite organization. Add your church to the list and don’t miss this opportunity to share your message with these generous givers so you can do more good in your community.

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