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Winter Giving and Donation Ideas for 2020

Winter weather is beautiful. It’s also a great reason to stay inside with a cup of hot cocoa and your favorite blanket. As a church leader, you’re tasked with encouraging your members to step away from the hot cocoa and warm blanket to help fulfill your church’s mission. You’re probably wondering “How can I motivate my congregation to give during the winter months?” You’re in luck! We’ve got three winter weather giving ideas that will get your members jumping out of their fuzzy socks to donate to your church this season!

1. Start an Email Campaign

Email is arguably one of the best methods of communication, it’s fast and it’s relatively inexpensive to send. Send an email campaign this winter asking for support. Include the names of each ministry in your church or the envelopes you use in the Givelify app so your members can choose what they want to support. Include a link to your online giving and you’ve got a solid campaign.

2. Host a Winter Givelithon

This creative tool is free for Givelify churches and nonprofits. Are you interested in hosting a dance-a-thon? Are your members dedicated to 24 hours of nonstop fundraising? Givelithon is the solution for you!

Givelithons give you the option to show a live feed of incoming donations, including pictures of your donors, appearing in real-time. In this way, you can publicly recognize and thank them for donating to your place of worship.

Click here to start your Givelithon.

3. Overhaul Your Social Media

Social media is the most powerful marketing tool today. Get your message out fast on Twitter, share experiences through video and photos on Instagram, and connect with your current members and new members on Facebook. If you have the time, head over to YouTube to share your church services live or on-demand.

Givelify pairs seamlessly with social media when you use our free browser giving app to promote your church’s giving. Drop this link in your latest status update or pin it to the top of your feed to give your donors nonstop access to microdonation opportunities.

If you haven’t noticed, these ideas don’t require your congregation to give during service. That’s the beauty of Givelify. Your donors can give any time from anywhere in a few quick taps. Include a few of these ideas alongside your in-person and streaming services to maximize your congregation’s giving potential.


Want more tips and tricks? Let us know below. We’ve got you covered.

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