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3 Reasons Why Church Leaders Choose Givelify for Online Giving

In a year filled with so many challenges, churches are being called to serve the growing needs of our nation’s communities. Meanwhile, church leaders must also think about new ways to fund these ministries so many people depend on. With in-person services on the decline, online and mobile giving options are a must.

As we enter the holiday season, news of increases in COVID cases continues to emerge. According to The Washington Post, the U.S. surpassed 200,000 daily infections on December 2, 2020.  With this in mind, you may be one of many churches who are considering moving back to virtual-only gatherings.

In the midst of a crisis like COVID-19, it’s become crucial for churches to grow their donor base, increase their donations and do it quickly.  If your place of worship would like to grow donations or simply keep giving steady through the holiday season, here’s why more than 45,000 nonprofits and churches have turned to Givelify’s online giving platform and mobile app to make that happen.  For organizations who use church management systems, Givelify integrates easily so that record keeping is simple.

Church leaders say, “We need to increase church donations quickly.”

First, signing up your organization is simple and quick. Dr. Nicole Farmer of New Day Ministries says, “It took only 5 minutes to sign up. Givelify makes it simple for people to give from all over the world.”

We’ll have your account verified quickly so that you can begin receiving needed donations in no time.

As we know, COVID has forever changed the way individuals give to their places of worship. According to our research, 92 percent of donors said they will continue to donate online and on mobile devices after the pandemic ends. Also, 94 percent of faith leaders believe online and mobile giving is here to stay.

Here are examples of great things that can happen quickly. Three churches located in Michigan, North Carolina and New York received $1,000 in donations on their first day of activation. 


Church leaders say, “We want to increase average donations per donor.”

Our research shows that online giving habits often result in higher average donation amounts per donor. Twenty percent of givers donate more when they do so digitally than if they donated in person.  

As we know, giving doesn’t have to happen in the offering plate at church.  It can happen when inspiration occurs. Givers open the Givelify app, they tap, they give, they’re done. 

For these churches located in Dayton, Virginia Beach, and Fort Worth, approximately 75 active donors give an average of $11,000 every 4 weeks.


Church leaders say, “We want to increase our donor base.”

Did you know that COVID has changed the way donors contribute to faith-based organizations? Today, roughly 20 percent of donors contribute to more than one organization, spreading generosity further than ever before.

Nearly one million donors engage with the Givelify app. Some donate to organizations in their community. Others donate to churches of family members in other states. Givelify allows you to expose your church to more donors quickly.

  • One church located in Charlotte, North Carolina saw an eight percent growth in number of donors in one week.
  • In Jersey City, New Jersey, church leaders saw their donor base increase by 23 percent in one week.
  • A small church located in Marietta, Georgia with a congregation of under 99 members saw seven percent more donors in just one week.

Grow Your Holiday Donations with Givelify

Our Givelify Success Coaches are ready to help. We’re happy to talk with you about Givelify’s secure and easy-to-use giving platform and mobile app. Contact us at

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