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How Social Media Can Enhance Your Next Nonprofit Fundraising Event

If you work or volunteer for a charity, you know firsthand the importance of nonprofit fundraising. It’s imperative that you use every channel at your disposal to raise funds so you can further execute your mission.

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can use your free social media accounts to boost your fundraising efforts.

Maintain an Active Presence

How Social Media Can Enhance Your Next Nonprofit Fundraising Event

First, it’s important to keep your social media accounts active, not just during fundraisers. People (especially Millennials) support causes, not organizations, so keep your message or cause front and center, with regularly scheduled social media posts centered on your mission.

This is important so that your mission and cause is already on people’s minds when it’s time for the big fundraiser. People who have been thinking about your mission and believe in what you’re doing are more likely to give than those who have to be reminded who exactly you are and why you want their money.

Advertise Your Nonprofit Fundraising Event

Ready to announce your fundraiser to the masses? Social media is a fantastic way to get the word out. First of all, you likely already have a dedicated following of previous donors following your account. By posting about the event on social media, you can instantly let them know.

But beyond that, social media also enables you to reach people who have never heard of your organization. Platforms like Facebook allow you to target ads to specific demographics, and you can choose to limit the ad to people in your local area who volunteer or give to nonprofits. A small social media advertising investment of about $25 or less can have a much bigger impact than you might think.

Call for Volunteers

How Social Media Can Enhance Your Next Nonprofit Fundraising Event

Your most dedicated and passionate supporters are the most likely to follow you on social media. Big fundraising events often demand that you scale up your volunteer force. Social media is a great way to reach people who will respond positively to your call for help.

People who have volunteered for you in the past are probably already following you. Consider how many more potential volunteers you can reach if your current followers tell their audiences about your need!

Travel through Time

Who says your donors can only give during your in-person event? That’s an old-fashioned way of thinking now, thanks to social media and mobile giving. Mobile giving solutions like Givelify have a secure short link that you can use for quick and easy sharing. When you announce your event on social media, why not include a post like this:

Can’t make it to our event in person? Give now from your smartphone or computer: [link]

Not only can you use social media to get donations before and during your nonprofit fundraising event, but you can let your donors go back in time, too. Shortly after your event, create another social media post like the following:

Thanks to all who gave at our recent event! If you missed out, it’s not too late to give to support our cause: [link]

Toss the appropriate link into the message and get even more mileage out of your completed fundraiser. When used effectively, social media is a powerful tool for charities and nonprofits in their ongoing efforts to improve fundraising and increase donations.

Make sure your organization is using social media to its fullest capacity, and be sure to complement your social media strategy with a high-quality modern mobile giving platform. The one-two punch of social media and mobile giving will take your nonprofit fundraising to the next level.

About the Author

Allison has a passion for charitable giving and believes that small acts of kindness can make the world a better place. She uses her web content and social media expertise to guide churches and nonprofits through the mobile fundraising process.

Allison Weaver