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How Social Media Can Broaden Your Charitable Impact

Regardless of what you think about social media — i.e., the good, the bad, and the ugly — it’s hard to deny one truth: social media can be a powerful tool for getting the word out about your favorite charity or cause. Specifically, social media enables you to connect with people around the globe, to rally support for causes close to your heart, and to help raise funds for things that matter.

Let’s consider each of these opportunities that you have to expand the impact of your charitable giving.

Connect with People Around the Globe

It’s no secret that social media makes or rekindles connections that (likely) wouldn’t otherwise exist. Look at your friend list or followers. See that girl you went to elementary school with? Notice that guy you haven’t seen since college? Social media empowers you to engage them in conversations you care about.

Whether you share an article about a charity you support, update your status to take a stand on an issue, or let your followers know that you gave to support an important cause, you have the opportunity to reach and influence hundreds — if not thousands — of people.

Rally Support for Causes Close to Your Heart

Even if your social posts don’t receive the influx of comments that, say, a celebrity’s might, your followers really are paying attention to what you post. You can use your platform on social to shine light on things that matter to you and help rally significant support.

Why not share about the charity that has captured your attention? Why not use your social media influence to encourage people to get involved? After all, you aren’t required to limit your social media posts to what you ate for lunch (as fascinating as your dining selections may be).

Help Raise Funds for Things That Matter

After using certain methods like mobile giving to donate to your favorite charity, you are often prompted to share a post on Facebook or Twitter to spread the word. Do you just ignore it and move on? After all, the point of donating to a charity isn’t to publicly pat ourselves on the back, right?

That’s true, but consider this: telling your social media friends or followers that you gave isn’t about drawing attention to your gift. The purpose is to drawing attention to the charity you supported and encourage others to give, too. Telling your friends and family that you gave is a great way to spread the word about the causes you care about — which, in turn, can help raise more donations from more people and ultimately make more of an impact. And imagine how much more well-received this information will be from someone they know and trust, instead of an employee from an unknown organization.

So next time you use mobile giving to support a cause, consider tapping that social share button.

You are already making an impact, but you could make your impact travel even further by convincing just one person on social media to follow in your footsteps.

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Amanda Slodysko