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Which is Better: Text to Give or Social Giving Link?

We’ve discussed the topic of text-to-give plenty of times in the past. Text codes are difficult to remember, and donors can’t easily track what they gave and when. Text to give simply is not among the best mobile giving solutions. So, what is? Social giving links are rising in popularity as a better option for out-of-church giving.

What Is a Social Giving Link?

This link is an extension of your mobile giving app. It’s a URL or link that can be clicked on your Facebook profile, then opened in a web browser like Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. The social giving link is nearly identical to the mobile giving experience, donors simply click the link from your church Facebook page and give using their web browser.

how to use social giving link

How Does My Church Use This Link?

Because this link is a URL, it can be shared virtually anywhere. The URL can be posted on your social media pages, linked within your website, and shared via email.

How Can My Church Get One?

These types of specialized links may have varying costs depending on the platform you use as a donation management partner. With Givelify, one is provided to you at no additional cost the moment you sign up. If you’re already signed up with Givelify, you can find your link like this:

find social giving link

Whether you’re looking for an out-of-church texting solution or an easy way for your donors without smartphones to give, a social giving link is a leading choice. Mobile giving is the future. Add one to your mobile giving options today.

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