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6 Surprising Ways Smartphones Have Revolutionized Worship

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we go about our daily lives. It would be hard to argue that any area of life remains untouched by the handheld personal computer in your pocket. In fact, here are six surprising ways smartphones have even changed the way we worship.

1. We have the Bible at our fingertips.

Mobile Giving 6 Ways Smartphones Have Revolutionized Worship

Actually, it’s more than just the Bible. We actually have every translation of the Bible in the palms of our hands — at all times!

Want to cross-reference the verse your pastor is reading? Want to enjoy a little Greek with that exposition? No problem.

2. We always have our favorite worship music on standby.

Feeling down at work? Wishing you could enjoy a spiritual pick-me-up during your 15-minute break? Pop on a pair of headphones and you can!

Thanks to the smartphone, worship music is more readily accessible than ever before. (Just be careful about singing too loudly in the break room.)

3. Mobile giving brings the ability to give any time, anywhere.

Mobile Giving 6 Ways Smartphones Have Revolutionized Worship

Remember the frustrating days of showing up to church and realizing the checkbook was still at home — or the frustration of wanting to give, but you don’t have any cash in your wallet? Today, with mobile giving, these kinds of church giving concerns are ancient history. When inspiration strikes (or perhaps when you receive your paycheck), it’s as simple as tap, give, done!

No longer must you race to get the check written during the 30 second prayer preceding the offering. No more rushing to an ATM before church to make sure you have enough cash. All you need is your smartphone and a mobile giving app.

4. We have the chance to attend our home church from any location.

With livestreaming capabilities so affordable and widespread, it is possible to never miss a service — even when you’re sick or out of town. Just pull out your handy smartphone and log in to watch the morning service. You can even engage with other members by leaving comments!

It will feel so real you’ll have to remind yourself you don’t need to whisper.

5. We have the opportunity to share what we’ve learned with everyone we know.

Mobile Giving 6 Ways Smartphones Have Revolutionized Worship

If you have ever logged onto social media on a Sunday morning, you can immediately tell who went to church and who stayed home (even if you have no intention of being the attendance police). Whether fellow churchgoers request prayer for sick children at home or share simple soundbites of lessons learned during the sermon, the social media landscape starts to look like a collective church service.

Friends identify which church they “checked in” at, and video clips appear of special music or testimonials shared before the congregation. It’s possible to glean the best of many church services simultaneously without ever leaving your home church — and you can share your own experience with your followers, too.

6. We have no excuse not to engage in personal worship every day.

With a wide spread of commentaries and devotional materials (in the form of audio books, digital files, or apps), it is possible to spend a few minutes in personal worship every day.

Whether you’re driving to work or sitting in the car line waiting for the kids, it has never been easier to access personal worship on demand. All we need is the desire and discipline.

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