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Mothers Create Nonprofits Focused on Family & Girls

Where would the world be without mothers?

Quite literally, mothers are where life begins. In honor of Mother’s Day, we want to celebrate and recognize organizations that support mothers and the people who depend on them.

Nonprofits by Mothers: The Stylish Momager

The term “momager” is most commonly associated with Kris Jenner of Kardashian family fame.

Haneef Jordan is bringing a new meaning to the word.

The Stylish Momager is about cultivating a family unit and breaking the stigma of the broken family. Our mission is to assist the family unit in cultivating their gifts and talents, fostering self-esteem, awareness, and love,” she says. “Usually, you have organizations that focus on women or focus on men but not cultivating the whole family, so the family can stay together and thrive.”

Jordan created the organization in 2011 because she hadn’t found an organization focused on the health of the entire family unit.

Mom On A Mission

The Stylish Momager hosts in-person events for families in southern California, where the Jordan family lives. Jordan – along with her husband Jamal and two teenage sons Sevan and Samaad – also host an iHeart Radio show to pass along helpful tips and insights to build a strong family bond. The Stylish Momager website offers free online workbooks with resources and exercises to strengthen the family.

“You can heal from a lot of things if you do the work. I try to always let my sons know wishing for something will not make it happen. If you do the work for it and have faith, things can change,” she says. “We’re in the midst of hard times, but I don’t want people to forget that most beautiful thing is to uplift your own family in your own home. You can do that by taking a step back, taking a deep breath and using this time to get closer to your spouse and your children. If you can keep a positive mindset, you can change the dynamic in your own household to build a structure of peace.”

“I have started your workbook and it has definitely identified some areas in my life, I had no idea were triggers for me. I’m just starting, but the info I’ve gathered is definitely beneficial,” one Stylish Momager client wrote.

Nonprofits by Mothers: Mom2Me, Inc.

When Toni Tyler lost her mother at 15-years-old, she immediately became a surrogate mother to her 7-year-old sister. It’s a job she was not ready for, she admits.

“There’s a lot of self-esteem and direction that a mother gives a daughter. Just from personal experience, there are a lot of mistakes that I might not have made if I had a positive female role model to guide and shape me along the way.”

While there is a lot of awareness around children without fathers, there is not as much talk about children who don’t have a mother in the household. According to Tyler, there are 13 million children who fit that description. That’s what inspired her in 2017, to create Mom2Me Incorporated, a nonprofit based in Texas, for young girls who are motherless due to death, incarceration, abandonment, or mental health issues.

Tyler partners with schools and single fathers to identify girls in need of a mother figure. Then, she and her volunteer staff provide a hot meal, homework help, mentorship, and guidance for elementary to high school girls after school hours.


Small Things and Big Things

“I was an adult before I really knew how to size myself for a bra. For years, I was wearing the wrong size because I didn’t have anyone to teach me. It’s those small things we help the young ladies with that people don’t even think about.”

No topic of conversation is off-limits, and Tyler says many of the conversations tackle serious issues like how to handle peer pressure, conflicts, and sexual abuse.

“We mother these girls, and we talk about whatever they want to talk about. We deal with life situations.”

Right now, Tyler uses a Houston area community center to provide a safe place and services for the girls. Her vision is to build or buy a building specifically for Mom2Me activities, so she can expand the hours she spends with them. Meanwhile, she has a message for anyone who knows of a young girl without a mother.

“Aside from Mom2Me, if anyone in their communities is aware of children in this situation, it would really be a blessing to these young ladies if someone would reach out.”

And Mother’s Day seems like the perfect time to do it.

Join The Stylish Momager, Mom2Me Inc., and more than 60,000 other nonprofits and places of worship who use Givelify’s online giving platform to do more good in their communities.

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