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Mobile Giving Helps Maximize Church Mother’s Day Attendance

As your church prepares for Mother’s Day services, you have probably come up with many ideas to make the holiday special for your members. But with more family members visiting your place of worship to be with their moms, keep in mind the increase in church giving that the extra holiday attendance can bring in — and how mobile giving can help you harness that potential.

The Importance of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day may not seem as important to churches as Easter Sunday and Christmas Day, but be careful not to underestimate the holiday. In fact, a poll by LifeWay Research found that Mother’s Day is the third highest attended day for churches behind the two major religious holidays.

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Consider what this means for your place of worship. Because Christmas and Easter draw in such large church crowds, it is widely known that they also bring in more offerings than any other Sundays throughout the year. Now that you know the significance of Mother’s Day attendance, it’s time to consider how you can harness this extra attendance for increased church giving.

Don’t Skip The Ask

First of all, make sure that you do make an appeal for offerings during your church’s Mother’s Day service. Skipping all fundraising talk to focus on the holiday may sound like a good idea, but you will be missing out on a potentially huge day for church giving.

Instead, find a way to make your request relevant for the families in the congregation. Not only can you reach your most dedicated members who attend services regularly, but you have an opportunity to reach the guests who are only visiting for the holiday.

Mobile Giving for Visitors

With so many extra visitors in service, mobile giving can help you get the most out of the boosted holiday attendance. Mobile giving is actually perfect for one-time guests. People who do not attend services regularly tend to forget about offering time, and thus don’t think to bring cash or checks. With mobile giving, they can simply use their phone to give.

Mobile giving apps have even more perks for your holiday guests. Every visitor has the opportunity to not only give on Mother’s Day, but they can continue to give to your church even if they don’t consistently return. They can even use the app to give to other churches that they visit going forward.

Remind attendees that your mobile giving app enables them to give anywhere, any time. Encourage guests to download the app and add your place of worship as a favorite, or mark it as their home church. When your visitors have the app downloaded to their device, you may see donations roll in even when they are absent from church in the future.

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