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Mobile Giving: How Digital Technology Impacts Fundraising

In an informative study and accompanying infographic from the direct marketing agency Grizzard, the importance of mobile giving technology is more evident than ever.

For The Digital Space and Its Relevance For Fundraising, 2,640 U.S. adults, including 1,531 active nonprofit donors, were surveyed on their attitudes toward and usage of digital technology.

New Methods of Giving

According to Grizzard’s study, online giving is now the most preferred way to donate, with 31% of respondents choosing this method. This puts online giving above more traditional methods like mail (26%), in person donations (23%), and nonprofit fundraising events (8%).

As technology advances and younger generations grow up and begin giving, modern giving methods will continue to become more and more popular.

Mobile Giving Technology Is On The Rise

Mobile devices are becoming quite commonplace in today’s society. In fact, 92% of people surveyed by Grizzard own a mobile phone, and ownership of smartphones and tablets have increased by 19% and 59% respectively.

After the Internet became popular, donors embraced online giving. Now that smartphones and tablets are becoming widespread, you can expect to see an increasing number of nonprofit donors making use of mobile giving technology.

Donors On Social Media

While social media in general is a great way to connect with your donors, your best bet is to seek out the sites where they congregate the most. According to Grizzard’s study, the highest concentration of donors can be found on LinkedIn and blogs.

Don’t abandon your other social media accounts just yet. While Facebook and Twitter appear near the bottom of the list, they still have above average donor concentration — and a much larger userbase overall.

View the entire infographic here.

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Allison has a passion for charitable giving and believes that small acts of kindness can make the world a better place. She uses her web content and social media expertise to guide churches and nonprofits through the mobile fundraising process.

Allison Weaver