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Marriage and Mobile Giving Are More Alike Than You Think

Mobile giving and marriage may seem like completely different topics, but they have more in common than you think. Don’t believe it? Let’s take a look at three ways mobile giving technology is like marriage.

Go Public With Your Relationship

Celebrities often arrange secret wedding ceremonies in order to keep their private relationships private. But for non-celebrities, throwing a big party and inviting friends and family is the preferred way to kick off a marriage. You found the love of your life, so now it’s time to tell the world!

In fact, having a large wedding with many guests has been found to result in lasting marriages. Couples who invite over 200 people to their wedding ceremony are 92% less likely to divorce.

Why keep mobile giving a secret? If you don’t tell your supporters about this new option for giving, how will they know to make use of the technology? Shout it from the mountain tops. Brag about it to your friends and family. Explain how convenient mobile giving is and how it benefits your donors — and your organization.

Get To Know Each Other on a Personal Level

People generally don’t get married to people they barely know. That is the role of dating or courting, after all: learning about one another. Finding out what makes each other tick. Once you have done that, you can feel comfortable committing to one another for a lifetime.

The same is true for your organization and its mobile giving option. In order to get the most out of mobile giving, you need to know it like the back of your hand. Explore the dashboard and get familiar with all of its features. Understand how to explain mobile giving to your supporters. This will set you up to have the best success possible.

Don’t Shy Away From Commitment

Commitment is key when it comes to marriage. If one or both parties aren’t fully devoted to one another and to making the relationship work, it won’t take much to tear the marriage apart. How committed are you to making mobile giving work for your organization? Are you willing to put in the work that it takes to successfully launch a giving app? Or do you intend to just set it and forget it?

In a marriage, you can’t mentally check out and expect your relationship to stay happy and wonderful and last for a lifetime.  You have to stay present and engage with your spouse daily. The same is true for mobile giving. You can set it up and then never look at it again, but that won’t make your donations magically increase. It will take a little bit of effort on your organization’s part to spread the word and get people to make those donations.

In both cases, that extra effort is worth it. Follow through and you will see the benefits firsthand.

About the Author

Allison has a passion for charitable giving and believes that small acts of kindness can make the world a better place. She uses her web content and social media expertise to guide churches and nonprofits through the mobile fundraising process.

Allison Weaver