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Making your Givelify Church App Awesome!

If you are just joining Givelify, you may be wondering what steps you should be taking next in order to get the most out of your new church app powered by Givelify. We’ve compiled a few best practices from member churches who are getting the most from their Givelify experience.

How to Introduce Givelify to Your Church

We’ve prepared a brief video demonstrating how the Givelify app works. You can embed it on your church’s website, share the link via Facebook and Twitter, include it in your email newsletter, and even project it on your video screen.

Here are some questions you can ask your flock to help introduce Givelify and understand how it helps them—and your church—achieve your goals together.

  • Have you ever been in church and had no cash or checks when the offering plate came around?
  • Why can’t tithes be given from wherever we are, whenever we want to?
  • What happens at tax time if I can’t find my donation receipts?
  • Why is the line at the credit card swiper always so long?
  • What if I want to make my donations privately?
  • What if I don’t have a computer to make online donations?

These are just a few ideas to start the conversation. You know your people best, you know what motivates and inspires them to attend your services and support your church.

Make the Givelify App Yours.
Givelify provides your parishioners with a beautiful, personal and convenient giving experience. You can enhance this experience and make a deeper connection with the parishioners by branding your Givelify Church app with your logo, a cover photo and a photo of the lead minister. By making your Givelify your church’s own app, parishioners will tithe more frequently and generously.
Login at and start branding your profile page now.

Enable Contributions to Specific Offerings.
Create virtual envelopes for special offerings such as missionary trips, building funds, visiting pastor’s funds, youth ministry and such. Your parishioners will be able to see these custom types of offerings in your Givelify Church app and make specific contributions towards them.
Login at and start creating virtual envelopes for special offerings.

photo of customized church causes

Use our Donation Slips to Keep the Offering Plate Ceremony Alive.
Shortly after you sign up, you will receive a welcome packet from Givelify in the mail. Enclosed in your official packet will be some donations slips. Make these slips available to your parishioners in the same manner as your offering envelopes and church bulletin. After donating from their mobile phones, parishioners will fill out the slips if they choose to, and drop them in the plate like everyone else.
Givelify's Donation Slips

Promote your Givelify Page.
Go ahead and let your parishioners know they can now support your ministry during worship, from home, at work, or while vacationing! Announce your Givelify Church app on your website, Facebook page, Twitter, Newsletter and other social media accounts. Remind your parishioners during each worship service.

Monitor your Donations in Real Time.
Sign in to your Givelify account from any device at any time and watch your donations arrive instantly. The dashboard shows the amount of donation, time and donor’s name, all in real time!

Remind your Parishioners during each Worship Service.
Now that you are all set up, remind your parishioners that they now have the option to give from their phone from anywhere at any time as moved by the Holy Spirit. The churches that are seeing a boost in financial stewardship are known for constantly reminding their parishioners when it’s time for tithe and offerings during each service.

Questions? We have Answers.
We’re pretty confident if you follow these guidelines, your parishioners will appreciate your willingness to make it easy and convenient for them to support your ministry. But if you still have questions after reading this, please feel free to contact us!

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