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How To Maintain Momentum After Signing Up with Givelify

You made the great choice to begin utilizing donation apps like Givelify as a way to modernize the giving options at your place of worship. Now what? How do you keep the excitement level elevated? How can you maintain the momentum? Well, don’t fret, because we have some fun, easy-to-implement tips ready.

Frequent Reminders

Well, duh,” you might say. Who would’ve thought that reminders would be a good way to get your members to use Givelify? Okay, that’s fair. But stay with me for a minute.

According to a marketing theory called the “Rule of Seven,” you have to remind people seven times before your message will sink in. In other words, it takes seven points of contact before an action is taken. To really get your parishioners on board with donation apps, you have to tell them about the option many times.

Don’t assume you will annoy them with your repeated messages about Givelify. As long as you change up how you approach your reminders, by using different platforms or communicating your message at different times, you won’t go too far. Instead, you will cut through the clutter and stay top-of-mind. The squeaky wheel gets the oil after all.

Change Up Your Method of Engagement

Some people are audio learners. They listen and understand, successfully taking in information simply by hearing it. Others require more than mere words. To ensure you engage every person in your house of worship, consider putting together a hype video of sorts as an alternative to an audio reminder. You can play this video at the end of service, during giving time or whenever else you feel it might be helpful.

Don’t forget to feature it on your website and on social media. Make sure to include how funds will be used, communicate the importance consistent funding has on your effectiveness as a ministry and be sure to share the neat features of Givelify and how it makes giving easier overall.

If you don’t have the time or resources to make your own video, you can show Givelify’s demo video during service instead.

Try Giveaways for Special Offerings

Have you considered using giveaways to help increase giving? Allowing members to “win” inexpensive gifts can be a great way to boost excitement and participation in giving to a special offering. Giveaways are very common in nonprofit fundraising circles, because they get real results.

Try pairing “prizes” with certain offering amounts à la giving tiers. If your church has its own bookstore, you can give away a coupon for a free $5 gift for every $30 given, or a similar offer. You could also give away a t-shirt or Bible to the person who contributes most to the special offering.

The tips listed above will help you keep your parishioners focused on giving through the Givelify app, so that they don’t forget about the option moving forward. By making the process fun and interesting, as well as giving consistent reminders, your members will be more likely to get on board with using donation apps for the long haul.

About the Author

Amanda Slodysko

As an Account Associate, Amanda ensures our members receive top-notch service and helps guide organizations through the signup process. She also volunteers with a political nonprofit.

Amanda Slodysko