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What Lemonade Stands Can Teach You About Nonprofit Fundraising

Lemonade stands are a summertime staple. The idea may seem simple, but by taking a few tips from your kid’s lemonade stand, you can improve your own nonprofit fundraising efforts.

Balance Creativity with Tradition

Kids may liven things up at their lemonade stand by adding juice, water, or cookies to the mix, but the basic idea of selling lemonade to the local community always remains the same. Any extras are in addition to the staple: lemonade. Why? Because even children know that lemonade sells. The tradition became what it is because the product is always in demand. It is hot outside, and people want something cool to drink. If they swapped out lemonade for coffee, the kids’ sale may not have as much success in the summer heat.

While planning a nonprofit fundraising event, the idea of creating an all-new experience can be quite enticing. After all, you want to really wow your supporters, so much so that they are moved to give to your organization. But remember that some things are common at fundraisers for a reason. Feel free to experiment with new ideas, but don’t be afraid to stick to what you know.

Select the Best Location

One of the most important facets of running a lemonade stand is choosing the right location. If your kid sets up a table in a deserted parking lot, the low foot traffic will drastically affect their sales. You also need to keep in mind the climate of the location where you live. Lemonade stands are not much of a hit during the winter. No child wants to sit outside in the snow, selling cold beverages to people who would rather be drinking hot chocolate.

While planning your own nonprofit fundraising event, remember to keep the climate and location in mind. Choose an area with a lot of foot traffic, where you may draw in new potential donors. Consider the season during which your event will take place. Cater the event to the current needs and wants of your supporters during that time of year and in that particular location. Make your fundraiser relevant, and people will be happy to participate.

Inexpensive Nonprofit Fundraising Materials

How much does it cost to set up a lemonade stand? The materials to make this refreshing summer beverage are not all that expensive, and the only additional materials you need are plastic cups. Even making a sign and setting up a table can be done with materials you already have around the house. The simplicity and low cost of this childhood venture is why lemonade stands are such a fantastic way for kids to make a few bucks.

Your organization can follow in the footsteps of your child’s lemonade stand by using cost effective materials and making use of items you already have. You can even borrow some things from people you know or neighbors who live near the fundraiser. Use materials that don’t cost a lot of money, but that come together to create a quality fundraiser.

Trying to save money by scrimping on technology? With mobile giving, you can actually have access to the same fundraising technology as the big guys without breaking the bank. Free mobile giving apps enable you to offer a modern method of giving for your donors, without paying large sums of money.

Who knew that your kid’s lemonade stand could teach you so much about nonprofit fundraising?

About the Author

Allison has a passion for charitable giving and believes that small acts of kindness can make the world a better place. She uses her web content and social media expertise to guide churches and nonprofits through the mobile fundraising process.

Allison Weaver