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Giving Tuesday: Last Minute Tips & Resources

That’s right, Giving Tuesday is tomorrow, November 27 – a day dedicated to giving. We want to make sure you have a successful campaign. Here are a few tips and resources to help make sure your Giving Tuesday campaign runs smoothly.

1. Test Your Technology

If your organization is utilizing technology to accept donations on Giving Tuesday, make sure you test it before the big day. View your campaign on a mobile device and make a test donation to determine it’s working correctly. Pro-tip: You can never be over prepared!

2. Leverage Your Staff Members

Your staff members are your best brand ambassadors and a perfect way to authentically amplify your Giving Tuesday campaign. Provide your staff with pre-approved social media copy for them to share across their social media channels.

When the day arrives, remind employees to share, retweet, and like.

3. Remind Your Donors About Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday continues to grow each year, but it’s still not universally known. That’s why it’s important to remind your audience that it’s coming. Send out a friendly reminder to your most important donors, family and friends sharing details of your campaign.

Need examples? provides a toolkit with tips and resources on how to effectively communicate the global day of giving to your donors via email/e-blast, social post, etc.

4. Join in on the Social Conversation

Giving Tuesday was built on the power of social media! It’s important to engage on all your social platforms throughout the day to re-tweet and share your supporters’ messages about your campaign, as well as your own content.

Join in on the larger conversation by sharing content from to help amplify the Global Day of Giving. Don’t forget to use the #GivingTuesday hashtag!

5. Don’t Forget to Celebrate Your Success

It’s important to celebrate the success of your Giving Tuesday campaign no matter how big or small. Update progress of your campaign throughout the day on all your social channels and don’t forget to thank everyone that participated in some way.

Lastly, reward the staff that made it all possible with breakfast or lunch or a simple thank you email.

Don’t forget the mission of Giving Tuesday is to celebrate the joy of giving. Make it a day to remember!

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