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Givelify Helps the Disciples of Christ Modernize Church Giving

Givelify is now the official electronic church giving platform for The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The partnership, announced in a July 5, 2017 press release, will be formally introduced at their 2017 General Assembly, taking place July 8-12 in Indianapolis.

Delegates and attendees will have their first access to Givelify’s beautiful, three-tap giving experience during services and all throughout the assembly. They will also have the opportunity to learn more and sign up their own home churches.

Attendees and members who can’t make it to the event can make donations by downloading the free Givelify app from the iTunes or Google Play app stores. They can give anytime or during the assembly’s four designated offering times from anywhere in the United States.

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In the press release, John Goebel, vice president for finance and head of Treasury Services in the Office of General Minister and President, said:

“We recognize that mobile giving is more prevalent and much easier to implement than it might have been a few years ago. Many congregations that have implemented mobile giving are finding that they receive gifts all week, not just on Sunday.

The ease of setup and use for both the user and the organization makes it a great choice for the local congregation. And the end-of-year reporting—for both user and organization—will save time with the simple downloads.”

Givelify is also integrated directly with the Disciples of Christ’s existing mobile app, allowing both attendees and members currently using their convention app to donate quickly and easily.

Passionate Stewardship That’s Safe and Secure

Team Givelify is proud to partner with the Disciples of Christ and help them usher in church giving that meets the needs and expectations of the next generation of donors. By providing an anytime, anywhere giving option, we hope to foster enthusiasm and passion for stewardship among their members.

Naming an official giving partner at the organizational level also inspires trust among local congregations. They are assured that Givelify has been thoroughly vetted as a safe, secure church-giving solution, and they will be eager to introduce it to their members.

Walle Mafolasire, co-founder and chief executive officer of Givelify, said:

“Most churches are starting to realize that the old ways of electronic giving—complicated web forms and text-to-give codes—don’t meet the expectations of today’s modern Christian. We’re pleased to partner with Disciples of Christ to help bring their congregations into a new era of stewardship.”

Learn more and read the entire press release.

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