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Four Ways Givelify Encourages Passionate Stewardship

For people of faith, the act of giving is an important element of worship. With Givelify, you can make church giving more effortless than ever. Once your supporters experience the convenience firsthand, their passion for stewardship will grow. Here’s why.

1. Fit into Their Current Way of LifeMobile Payments and Online Shopping

Your members pay their bills electronically. They do most of their banking online. They send money to each other through mobile payment apps. They use their debit or credit card for most purchases, and online shopping is more popular than ever.

How much cash is currently in your wallet? How about the wallets of your parishioners? Cash is becoming a thing of the past, and some of your supporters may not even know what a checkbook looks like anymore. Why is your church relying on items that your parishioners generally don’t—and don’t want to—carry?

By providing your members with a modern church giving alternative like Givelify, you allow them to continue using the methods they are most comfortable using: smartphones and credit/debit cards. When your supporters are comfortable, they will be more excited about giving.

2. Church Giving on the Go

Church Giving on the Go

2008 Faith Communities Today study identified school and sport-related activities as the number one hindrance to regular church attendance. You can likely come up with a long list of reasons yourself: vacation travel, weekend work schedules, newborn children, business trips, and inclement weather are just some of the reasons your members might miss church.

You have probably noticed this problem occurring in your own congregation. Regular attendance isn’t what it used to be, and with fewer people in the building, that means less money is put in the offering plate.

Thankfully, Givelify allows your members to remain faithful in their giving, even when they aren’t able to be present in the worship service. Even if they are located halfway across the country, they can still participate in giving. Not only is this a huge benefit to your organization, but your members will be thrilled to have the opportunity to give from afar.

3. Tracking Giving Is More Convenientmobile giving history

One problem that often occurs with church giving is a lack of tracking. Unless a member keeps detailed records of every $20 bill they place in the offering plate, they likely have no real idea how much they have given to the church—and your finance team won’t know, either.

But there is a better way, thanks to Givelify. Every donation made through the app is automatically recorded for both the giver and the receiving organization. Your members will pleased to see their entire giving history right in the app, and they can even export those records to their email address for further review.

Meanwhile, these transactions are simultaneously tracked in the Givelify dashboard, so your admin team can see every gift that comes through the app, as well as information about who makes each offering.

4. It’s Easy to Download and Use

Givelify Church Giving App

The biggest reason your members will be delighted to use Givelify for church giving is how effortless the app is to get and use. Givelify is a free download in both the App Store and Google Play. It doesn’t require new users to fill out long forms or share tons of information. They can set up an account quickly and easily, and making donations is just as simple. Even people who aren’t especially great at using technology have been known to use Givelify regularly due to its ease of use.

Because giving becomes so uncomplicated, adopting the app results in more regular and passionate stewardship. Consistent giving, as you know, is vital to the continuance of any place of worship. With Givelify on your side, your members will be enthusiastic about supporting your church, and you will be able to do even more great work in your community.

About the Author

Ron Pulliam

Ron has a passion for helping congregations modernize their electronic giving. He helps denominations deploy giving solutions their congregants love using. He is also the pastor of Hope Worship Center COGIC.

Ron Pulliam