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Are You Driving Nonprofit Donations Away?

Nonprofit donations are a large part of what keeps charitable organizations running. Getting your supporters to consistently give is the key to continuous success. When your organization’s nonprofit donations are drying up, it’s time to look at the internal controls to determine where things are going wrong.

Don’t Underestimate the Personal Touchhandshake

Do your current and potential supporters enjoy a personalized experience when they come in contact with your organization? This is a crucial step in ensuring they continue to lend their support.

When you make a personal connection with your supporters, they will want to continue making nonprofit donations to your organization in the future.

From emails to phone calls, these individuals should always be addressed by name, making them feel directly involved in the great work your organization is doing.

Communication and Engagement Are Key

Are you utilizing all potential channels to engage with your supporters? You should be making use of newsletters, a website, social media accounts, phone calls, and any other methods that will help you keep your audience informed. Let them know the details about what they are supporting with their nonprofit donations. When you reach an important goal or have good news to share, make sure you communicate it to your supporters.

Additionally, make sure you have dedicated team members on hand to answer questions. The more connected your supporters feel to your cause, the more likely they will be to make a donation.

Make Your Information Accessiblewoman laptop online giving

Whether or not you have the staff to respond to questions over the phone or email, you should consider making key information about your organization available online. People don’t want to give their hard-earned money to organizations they don’t know anything about. Do what you can to get your information in front of the eyes of potential donors.

Your website should be thorough and include contact information, a schedule of upcoming events, as well as highlights of things you’ve accomplished. Continue to update your website on a consistent basis to ensure your current and potential donors always stay in the loop.

Your social media platforms should always be engaged as well. If they are giving you their money, they will definitely follow you on social media to stay in touch and see how their donations are being used.

Make Nonprofit Donations Convenient

Make things easy for your supporters by giving them convenient options for making nonprofit donations. With mobile giving solutions like Givelify, you can utilize the power of smartphones to make giving easier than ever. Allowing donors to give when they feel moved to give, without waiting for a fundraiser or mailing in a check, allows them to stay in their comfort zone.

Plus, Givelify allows you to share donation links on your website and social media, which allows your supporters to immediately give with just the click of a button.

It’s time to step into the 21st century and stay connected to how donors think and act. Mobile giving for nonprofit donations is a viable option that works.

About the Author

Doug works to ensure member organizations maximize their fundraising potential. He is responsible for sharing best practices and guiding new Givelify partners to a successful launch. He has also been a volunteer tutor.

Doug Bergren