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Discover the causes you care about most with Givelify

Here’s something we all know – giving is a beautiful thing. But, have you thought about what makes it beautiful? An elegant and clean user interface? Yes. The altruistic motivation that accompanies your gift? Sure. What about the story behind the causes you give to? That’s what we believe is the most beautiful part of giving. That’s also why we’ve rebuilt mobile giving from the ground up to help you discover causes that move you. How? We’re glad you asked!

At Givelify, the team is always looking for ways to improve. We keep our ears open and our eyes peeled for ways we can help you make a difference one simple joyful gift at a time.

Find the causes and organizations you care most about more quickly and accurately than ever before with a more natural search.

Enhanced Search

Long gone are the days of searching by name of organization and location. We’ve simplified the search feature so you can find causes that matter most to you even faster than before. With improved geo-targeting, we strive to find your organization on the first search. Givelify can now determine your location and filter your results based on what’s nearby.

Pastor Search

Through our observations, we found that you’re spreading the joy of giving not only at your home church, but also as you travel. Once time passes and you’re back at your home church, you realize – you remember thanking Pastor Smith for the great service, but you’ve forgotten the name of the church you visited! Now, you can search the leader of the place of worship you visited by name.

What new causes have you discovered with Givelify 3.0? Let us know in the comments!


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