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Best Easter Ever

It’s hard to believe that Easter is just a couple weeks away! But even if you haven’t put together a solid plan for your services, there are still some things you can do to make a big impact! We don’t have any time to waste, let’s jump right in:

Mix it up

One of the best things about the church’s celebration of Easter is knowing that the routine is going to be slightly different. There’s an energy that comes just from knowing you’re going to have guests, and that energy can transform your services. Whether you’ve been planning for months or minutes, you can capitalize on that by not disappointing!

If the pastor always opens service, have someone else open (and maybe switch up the way you open the service entirely); add some multimedia components that you normally don’t have such as a countdown or opener video; line up a few kids to share the Easter story in their own words… the possibilities are endless! Just find some way to break the routine!

Clean it up

Take time between now and Sunday services to walk through your facility. Touch up scuff marks, clean up spots you’ve neglected for a bit, and have the church looking and smelling squeaky clean when your guests arrive!

Don’t underestimate the power of some strategically placed “smell goods” throughout the facility. Especially in the restrooms! Drop by Bath and Body Works to get some appropriately scented lotions and soaps for the restrooms (yes, even the men will appreciate them).

Pray it up

All the printing, bright lights, and most well-designed media in the world doesn’t matter a bit if there’s not something in your service that will transform your guests’ lives. Don’t stress out if you didn’t have the time or budget to make those things happen this year. What you can always do, however, is prepare your service with prayer. After all, it’s the power of the Resurrection that you’re celebrating. Take the pressure off of yourself.

Take it up

Easter is one of the handful of Sundays each year that bring a statistical boost in giving to your church. If you don’t have a digital giving solution (where people can give even if they didn’t bring cash or a check), you can get started with Givelify in just a few minutes and start receiving donations today! (And it’s a great way to “mix it up,” as mentioned in the first tip!)

Final thought…

Don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself to the church down the street, or the ones that have the campaigns on Facebook, or… whoever. It’s not wise! Don’t forget to “keep the main thing the main thing” and you’ll have your Best Easter Ever!

Easter Planning Checklist


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Ron Pulliam

Ron has a passion for helping congregations modernize their electronic giving. He helps denominations deploy giving solutions their congregants love using. He is also the pastor of Hope Worship Center COGIC.

Ron Pulliam