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You Had Your Best Easter Ever! What’s Next?

Congratulations! You did it! You survived Easter and, since you’re reading this, your mind and attention have turned to what you do next. Often times we breathe a sigh of relief the day after Easter and go back to “business as usual,” but fail to realize the greatest opportunities this season provides are in what we do (and how we do it) in the days and weeks after Easter Sunday. Here are a few quick tips to help you get the most mileage from your Easter efforts:

Follow-up Plan

This is the most basic tip, for sure, but even though we all know we need to follow-up with guests and visitors, we’re not always diligent. Today is a great day to send a quick text to your guests, directly from the Pastor, thanking them for choosing to worship with you.

We tend to follow a “3-2-1” approach. Three touchpoints on the week after they visit (a text, an email, and a call; usually spaced out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday/Saturday), two touchpoints the following week, and then they’re added to a list of weekly contacts (our church sends a weekly “what’s happening this week” email, which they remain on until they unsubscribe or let us know they aren’t interested in hearing from us).

Keep it Fresh

The beauty of Easter is that we tend to update ALL the things — our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and website are usually all on point with our lovely Easter graphics. And then some of us don’t touch them again until the next event! Put the same effort this week into your social media and website as you have the past couple of weeks. Signs of life online are an indicator of a lively church offline!

Post-game Analysis

Take some time this week to touch base with your team/department leads and find out what went right and what could be improved from your Easter services. It’s important to do this not just with the visible ministry teams (worship, preaching, and teaching), but also with the “behind the scenes” ministries such as technical services, first impressions/greeters, parking attendants, and the like.

This analysis serves two purposes. First, you need to know the areas where you can improve. But perhaps more importantly, it also serves as an opportunity to celebrate the wins and give the honor and thanks due to those who made Easter weekend a success. Paul told the Romans:

“Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor” (Rom 12:10, ESV).

Make Disciples

More than just inviting your guests back to the next service, do you have an intentional path for guiding people into relationship with Christ and introducing them to your church?

Our church offers a four-week course that starts on the first Sunday of each month. The first week is a Pastor’s breakfast (held an hour before our services begin), where we serve a warm breakfast buffet and talk about our church’s history, vision, and “DNA.” The following weeks give a brief view of what we believe, we perform a personality and spiritual gifts assessment, and then we present opportunities to serve and get involved. Whatever your model looks like, spend some time this week working on a discipleship class you can invite your guests to attend.

There’s more we could cover, but if you follow these tips you’ll be well on your way to turning your Best Easter Ever into your Best Summer Ever!

About the Author

Ron Pulliam

Ron has a passion for helping congregations modernize their electronic giving. He helps denominations deploy giving solutions their congregants love using. He is also the pastor of Hope Worship Center COGIC.

Ron Pulliam