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3 Ways a Donation App Is Better Than Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is an annual celebration during which people gather around to witness the seasonal weather predictions of a lovable furry creature. But how does this holiday compare to using a donation app for your nonprofit fundraising? You may think that the two cannot be compared at all. But now it’s time to learn why a donation app is far superior to Groundhog Day.

Seasons and Weather Have No Effect

Groundhog Day can either be a happy occasion or it can be kind of a downer. All of our hopes of a nasty winter drawing to an early close rest on the shoulders of a rodent. If he sees his shadow on that fateful morning, we are supposedly in for a longer winter season. But if it is cloudy, spring will arrive early.

With a donation app, there is no question of whether you will have a good or bad season. Longer winter? No big deal. Early spring? Great! Rain or shine, your donations will still roll in.

Winter weather keeping people from your fundraising event. Home sick with the flu in the fall. People on vacation in the sunny summer months. Can still give.

No One Likes Groundhog Day

That may be a bit of an overstatement; some people probably do get excited about Groundhog Day. But compared to popular holidays like Easter and Christmas, this one is not all that exciting. No one really thinks about Groundhog Day in the months preceding the holiday. No one decorates their home with Groundhog Day memorabilia. It simply is not as beloved as other holidays.

But people actually do enjoy using a donation app. It is more convenient than other forms of giving, and everyone loves added convenience. Because they enjoy the process so much, they are likely to continue giving that way in the future, which leads to more donations for your nonprofit. With an increase in giving from your donors, you are bound to love using a donation app, too!

A Donation App Keeps Up With The Times

Groundhog Day as a tradition dates back to the 1800s. Having such a long history is great for holidays and traditions, but remaining stuck in the past is no way to run a nonprofit. You would never hire a groundhog to come up with your fundraising plan anyway, of course, but using a donation app helps your organization stay modern.

Relying on outdated methods like cash or check donations can be detrimental to your fundraising efforts. Today, many people do not carry or use these forms of payment regularly — if at all. The number of check payments has declined more than 50% since 2000, while ACH and debit card payments more than tripled. Meanwhile, according to The Fundraising Coach:

74% of Americans write no more than one check per month.

80% of Americans carry less than $50 in cash in their wallet.

9% don’t carry any cash in their wallet at all.

With so few people using cash and checks, adopting a modern method for your fundraising is a no brainer. Thankfully, you can use a donation app and solve that problem today. Could Groundhog Day benefit your organization in this way? Doubtful.

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Allison has a passion for charitable giving and believes that small acts of kindness can make the world a better place. She uses her web content and social media expertise to guide churches and nonprofits through the mobile fundraising process.

Allison Weaver