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10,000 Children Dead in Syria Crisis: How to Help

Syria has been in a state of violent conflict for three years. Agencies report that one-third of Syria’s population has been driven from their homes because of the unrest in that country.

The United Nations reports that of the two million refugees who have fled to Turkey, Lebanon, and other neighboring countries, one million are children.

At least 10,000 children have died in the conflict. Children are used as civilian shields, tortured and sexually abused.

We face a great many problems here in the U.S., but atrocities like this tug at our heartstrings no matter where they occur in the world.

How Can You Help?

Even when you’re moved to help, it can be hard to find the right way to give. You want to be sure your donations are reaching the intended recipients and causes.

Charity Navigator is a great source of information and ratings on charities. They have compiled a list of top-rated organizations providing relief in Syria.

Consider what you want your donation to accomplish, check the ratings, and learn about how each is providing assistance.

Top-rated organizations include:

About the Author

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