Margarita Pantoja-Barnes

Margarita’s primary goal each and every day is to be the best mother she can be. As a success coach, she builds genuine relationships to help non-profits fulfill their missions and find their own greatness from within. In her free time, Margarita is a proud Agile Marketing Indy Board Member.

“The best way I give back on a daily basis is sometimes as simple as an honest conversation, offering to buy someone a coffee, or best of all just being there on a hard day.” Margarita’s focus is to leave customers empowered and have fun while doing it.

The secretary of a church called Givelify with intentions to enhance their congregation’s giving experience. Through her patience and expertise in giving success, Margarita walked the secretary through our product features and shared resources with her which empowered her and the congregation to give easily with Givelify.

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