Kelly Janeway

Kelly’s work experience has been a combination of customer success, project management, sales, and account management in a broad range of industries. Her philosophy? Work smart and play always.

In addition to work, Kelly has volunteered at the Indy Zoo and is most passionate about causes that help the animals and the environment.  As a GSC, Kelly brings a desire for helping non-profits reach supporters and generate long-term success.

Kelly helped a church that had been signed up for quite some time. When the church signed up, they took a DIY approach to marketing Givelify to their membership, and they did a decent job – 15 members of their congregation adopted Givelify right away.

Once the church leaders met with Kelly, they received specific marketing resources to spread the word about this new way to give digitally. Just by increasing their marketing efforts (for free!) they increased Givelify adoption in their church from 15 to 35 members!

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