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Are you on track to exceed your church’s 2022 financial goals?

With less than six months left in 2022, Givelify will help you finish the year strong. Join our referral program and we will pay you $5 for each new giver who donates to your church for the first time using Givelify.
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We’re so confident that your church will benefit from using our giving solution, we’ll gift you $5 for each new giver who donates a first-time gift on Givelify.

Why is Givelify the best online and mobile app solution for your church? The numbers speak for themselves:

$3,960 is how much the average Givelify giver donates a year to their church or place of worship, 5X the national average

20% vs. 8% represents the percent of Givelify givers who donate more than $5,000 a year compared to Cash App givers

174% is how much total giving grew for Givelify givers in the last three years

Key dates

  • August 6: The deadline for your church to opt into the referral program
  • August 7: The start date to begin collecting $5 for each new giver who donates to your church for the first time using Givelify
  • August 21: The last day of the new giver referral program
  • August 31 The deadline for your church to receive its payout from Givelify for participating in the program

Let your in-person and online worshippers know your church uses Givelify

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Get an extra $5 for each new giver!

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Givelify is the most loved and trusted online and mobile giving platform. Along with its powerful donation management system, it’s the fastest growing technology for advancing generosity. More than one million givers have donated over $3 billion to 55,000+ places of worship and nonprofits to date.

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